Course objectives:

To understand the techniques of suturing and acquire the skills to confidently tie surgical knots.


Course format:

-Lectures with interactive materials and videos

-Training on models

-Live surgery


The student should on completion of this course have a good understanding of:

-Knot tying techniques (instrument and hand)

-Handling surgical instruments used in suturing

-Suture materials

-The various suturing techniques and their applications

-Removing sutures



-Medical students

-House officers




-          Plastic surgery department

-          Skill laboratory of the university hospital


Duration of the course:

2 days (13:00 PM to 18:00 PM)

Coffee breaks 


Candidate evaluation:

MCQ and practical examinations will be done by the end of the course


Number of candidates per course:

10 people


Certificate of attendance:

Students who finish the course successfully will receive certificate of attendance


Course fees:

 50 LE

Registration at:

اسرة التواصل الطبى

Plastic surgery department secretariats