Goal of the workshop

Four days workshop will cover the current state of the art management of craniofacial disorders through presenting the unique experience of the world class craniofacial surgeon Dr Henry Kawamoto, professor of plastic surgery, founding father of the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery and founder of UCLA craniofacial program.

Welcoming letter by Prof. Kawamoto 

Target participants 

The workshop is targeted at craniofacial surgeons and trainees and is also open to anyone else who is interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in craniofacial surgery as other member of craniofacial teams as dentists, orthodontic specialists, speech pathologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians,...

Workshop Format

The workshop consists of evidence based lectures, live surgeries, case presentations, round table discussions and interactive mini lectures that focus on the contemporary management of craniofacial disorders. Interactive discussions will be the core of the workshop. Everyone is welcomed to bring his cases and questions.

Lectures will address:
- History and evolution of craniofacial surgery

- Craniofacial embryology and development
- Radiological anatomy of the craniofacial region
- Craniofacial and maxillofacial osteotomies
- Facial and Craniofacial Clefts

- Craniofacial genetics and syndromes

- Craniosynostosis

- Facial asymmetry

- Hypertelorbitism.
- Periorbital trauma

Case-based discussions will promote interactivity between faculty and course participants. Discussing cases in small groups will help participants to understand decision making and management skills. Live surgeries demonstrate operative steps for some of the basic craniofacial procedures and share the unique experience of the world class craniofacial surgeon Dr. Henry Kawamoto.



International Chairperson:

Dr. Henry Kawamoto

Professor of Plastic Surgery

Founder of Craniofacial Surgery Unit

University of California Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Kawamoto's CV


Dr. Carolina Ortube

Director of Clinical Research Studies

Retinal Disorders & Opthalmic Genetics Division

University of California Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Ortube's CV


National Faculty:

Dr. Mamdoh Mahfouz

Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


Dr. Heba Salah

Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics

Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Preliminary Program

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ESPRS* Members

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Before August 30th

200 $

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130 $

      After August 30th

260 $

450 $

200 $

*Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Limited places available

Deadline for registration September 30th, 2015

No payment on site

Pre-payment is required at:

            - Plastic Surgery Department, Sohag University

- International attendees: Bank transfer to: account of: Egyptian Smile, Account no. 1593-403-650 Bank of Cairo - Sohag Branch.

- National attendees: money transfer through the Egyptian Post to:

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After receipt of the payment your seat will be confirmed.


Workshop coordinator: Dr. Karam Allam

Phone Nnumbers:  (002)01099574724



E-mail: craniofacialsohag@yahoo.com

FB: www.facebook.com/kawamotocraniofacialsohag


Workshop Venue:
Plastic Surgery Department, Sohag University

Accommodation for participants


Post Workshop Social Program:
Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise are being arranged.

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Organized By

Cleft and Craniofacial Unit

Plastic Surgery Department











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