Summer and Winter School for International Medical Students in Plastic Surgery
2011 - 2012
Sohag, Egypt

What do you know about plastic surgery specialty? For undergraduate medical students, usually the educational curriculum touches very superficially this specialty, and most medical students don’t know much knowledge about it (apart from the Hollywood stars). It is important to explore this specialty and see how much wide it is and its subspecialties. You have to put it in mind when choosing your future career. Also it is important because whatever specialties you will be in, you will need to refer cases to plastic surgeons, so you have to know what they are doing. They are called “surgeon’s surgeon” or the surgeon of the surgeons. When there is a hopeless difficult and complicated case, the solution is to consult the plastic surgeon. Moreover, do you know that the best department you can learn the basic surgical skills is the plastic surgery department. As the plastic surgeons are always keeping in mind to meticulously apply the basic surgical techniques for better results for their patients. If you are interested and looking forward for any surgical career in your future, you should go through our school.

The SMSA (Sohag Medical Student Association) as part of IFMSA-Egypt (International Federation of Medical Student Association) in collaboration with the plastic surgery department at Sohag University Hospital, prepared a well organized scientific and training program with a unique opportunity to participate yourself in many operations beside the amazing social program and excursions in South of Egypt.

If you didn’t visit Egypt till now, so you are missing something!!!. The good thing also in this school is that you will be in depth contact with Egyptians (colleagues, doctors and patients); you will be amazed with the warm and friendly people.

Looking forward to meet you in Egypt

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